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From Niamh Hair Koncept laboratories comes Dandy, a line of products that join the traditional ritual of beard care, with the originality of the modern man’s personal and creative style.

Dandy is a comprehensive line that meets the needs of a man who will not settle, who wants to make his mark, and express his personality to the world, through the dedication and inspiration he puts in taking care of himself and his style.

Dandy is the perfect solution for those who seek custom products and wish to stand out, without neglecting the rituals of personal care. Each product is studied in every detail and enriched with first-rate, refined, luxury active ingredients that make this line the ideal one for men who insist on style and modern products, as well as healthy skin, beard and hair.

Dandy means timeless style that doesn’t follow trends or fleeting fashions, a concept that redefines the manly aesthetic and creates new rules of refinement in masculine taste.

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