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Wavy Lab
Perfect curls styling mousse

The new Wavy Lab Mousse for curly hair is a styling must-have. The mousse boasts a great many functions, including an incredible ability to style and define curls without weighing hair down. The soft foam coats the hair in an invisible, lightweight layer that supports, protects and enhances the hair’s spiral structure. Curls are visibly more defined and elastic, rich in volume and shine. Thanks to the formula’s thick and creamy texture and active ingredients, Niamh styling mousse moisturises hair without hardening, for healthy curls that are full of life.

300 ml size


Choose the correct amount of styling mousse depending on hair length.  Apply evenly to towel dried hair. Style without rinsing.

Transforms lifeless waves into healthy, dynamic curls. Wavy Lab styling mousse:

  • Creates and defines perfect curls that last all day
  • Leaves hair radiant, soft and under control
  • Moisturises hair without hardening