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Wavy Lab
Styling gel for defined curls

Wavy Lab styling gel for curly and wavy hair of any length. Provides definition and styling, for perfect hair that’s full of life. Hair is flexible, soft and shiny, with sinuous, elastic curls and under control waves. The gel creates perfect, well-defined spiral curls, conditioning the most frizzy and unruly hair. Curls are defined and under control all day long. Its non-sticky texture does not weight hair down.

150 ml size


For softer curls, distribute a small amount of Styling gel along the lengths of damp hair before drying. For more defined curls, apply the product to dry hair.

Out of control, unmanageable curls? Thanks to Niamh Styling gel:

  • Waves are elastic and well-defined
  • Rebellious hair is conditioned and under control
  • Hair is soft and shiny