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Be Pure Scalp Defence

The Be Pure Scalp Defence mask balances and nourishes the scalp, giving immediate well-being to the skin. Thanks to the anti-oxidant and soothing properties of Ginger bioliquifact, Incense and Grape, it helps to repair the damage caused by free radicals and protects the hair from outside stress. Used in combination with Scalp Defence Shampoo, it makes hair softer, healthier and shiny, with visible results from the first application. Free from irritation and deeply hydrated, the hair is purified and energised.

500 ml size

  • Ginger bioliquefact: obtained by exclusive enzyme bioliquefaction technology applied to plant matrices. Has remarkable properties:
  1. Reduces the release of pro-inflammatory mediators (tested in vitro)
  2. Bacteriostatic effect against Malassezia furfur and reduction of scaling problems related to dandruff (tested in vitro)
  3. Reduces itching, redness and blemishes (tested in vitro)
  • Incense: oily gum resin obtained from the bark of the Boswellia Papyrifera plant. Has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and toning properties.
  • Grape: concentrated vitamins, mineral salts and polyphenols, has therapeutic benefits essential for the well-being of the skin. Also has excellent antioxidant, astringent and revitalizing effects.
  • SLS free, Sles Free, Paraben Free, Colourant Free, Silicone Free, Allergen Free, Fragrance and Mineral Oil Free.


  • Counters the effects of free radicals
  • Protects from outside stress
  • The hair is soft and shiny

Step 1. Cleanse

Apply Scalp Defence Shampoo to a damp scalp, massaging it into the scalp in order to promote the anti-inflammatory, protective and soothing action. Repeat if necessary and rinse well.

Step 2. Regenerate

Apply the Scalp Defence Mask to damp towel-dried hair, comb through the lengths, wrap hair in a towel and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water to revive the skin of the scalp and keep hair strong and shiny.

Step 3. Sooth&Purify

Divide the washed, towel dried hair and apply the Scalp Defence Serum directly to the entire scalp or affected areas using the special pipette. Gently massage in until it is completely absorbed to help the active ingredients contained in the formula penetrate the scalp. Then proceed to brush hair.


Repeat the entire dermo-balancing treatment at least twice a month to reestablish an equilibrium in the scalp flora and restore its normal physiological conditions.

For irritated, flaky and blemished scalps of various kinds, we recommend using Scalp Defence Shampoo and Serum daily for at least 30 days to obtain a visible improvement in the scalp and restore balance in the microbiota, preventing further discomfort.

For scalps frequently subjected to chemical treatments (e.g. dyes, discolouring, etc.) or itchiness and redness, use of a small amount of Shield Drops Serum on sensitive areas is recommended as necessary to hydrate, sooth and reduce inflammation on a dry scalp.