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Dandy After Shave
Aftershave cologne

Dandy aftershave cologne is a spray lotion that hydrates and tones the skin after shaving. It offers a delicate fragrance and brings a pleasant feeling of freshness and vitality to the epidermis. It has been formulated by Niamh laboratories to soothe any post-shaving irritation, thanks to the softening and dermo-calming properties of organic Poppy Petal extract.

100 ml size


Dandy after shaving cologne is enriched with:

  • Organic Poppy Petal extract. Rich in alkaloids, mucilaginous and anthocyaninic substances, Poppy Petals have soothing properties that help soften the skin.

After shaving, spray the cologne onto the face and pat the skin until fully absorbed. Do not rinse.

When used after shaving, the After Shave cologne:

  • Hydrates, tones and revitalises the skin
  • Has a soothing and dermo-calming action on irritation and redness