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Be Pure
Restorative shampoo for damaged hair

Be Pure Restorative Shampoo is perfect for damaged hair. Its formula actively works to regenerate hair weakened by the stress of external or synthetic agents. The organic active ingredients in the formula provide elasticity, total hydration and deep nourishment. With its concentration of active ingredients and vitamins (A and E), extra-virgin olive oil delivers intense regeneration to hair and scalp, while banana extract, rich in iron, potassium, vitamins B2 and B6, and PP, helps strengthen the capillary fibre that may be damaged and weakened.

1000 ml size


100% made in Italy, the formula of this restorative shampoo nourishes and regenerates:

  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: with a high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids, it regenerates hair naturally.
  • Organic Banana Extract: iron, potassium, vitamins B2, and B6, and PP strengthen hair fibre that has been damaged and weakened.
  • SLS and SLES free, Paraben free, No Colorants, No Silicones, Hypo-allergenic Fragrance, No Oils of Mineral origin.
  • Deep regeneration of weakened and damaged hair
  • Formulated with extra virgin olive oil and organic banana extract
  • Cleanses hair and delivers intense hydration