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Nourishing leave-in hair mousse

Creamy is a new leave-in nourishing mousse designed by Niamh laboratories to provide restructuring and regenerating elements for the hair.  Due to its nutrient ingredients, it is ideal for activating and restoring natural wellness to damaged and brittle hair. This soft, creamy, and delicate foam mousse has a notable concentration of Argan Oil, Keratin and Bamboo Extract. This cosmetic formula moisturises, repairs split ends, gives new strength to the hair fibres and has a deep antioxidant effect. Hair is renewed and revitalized, visibly lighter and soft to the touch.

300 ml size




This Creamy nourishing leave-in mousse deeply regenerates and improves the appearance of hair through the action of exclusive active ingredients:

  • Argan Oil. Fatty acids, vitamins and the polyphenols in this Moroccan beauty oil moisturise the hair fibres and nourish damaged hair, repairing split ends
  • A constitutive protein of the hair. Restores, regenerates and strengthens the hair fibre
  • Bamboo Extract. An elixir of youth for the hair. It is rich in mineral salts and active anti-oxidants which counteract the effects of time. Has anti-ageing and anti-radical effects

Applying Creamy nourishing leave-in mousse improves the appearance of the hair by:

  • Deeply nourishing damaged and brittle hair
  • Making the hair more radiant, soft and healthy
  • Repairing and combating split ends
  • Regenerating and strengthening the hair fibre