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Dandy Beard Sanitizer
Hygienic spray for the beard and moustache

Beard Sanitizer is a new hygienic spray which removes impurities from the beard and moustache. Thanks to the powerful antibacterial action of its compound made with Chlorhexidine, it delicately purifies, cleanses and disinfects. Gentle and non-invasive, Beard Sanitizer is ideal for daily hygiene since it does not affect the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin. It only needs to be gentle massaged in to have a sanitizing effect. It ensures thorough cleansing of the beard and moustache and has a pleasant, virile yet delicate fragrance. Does not need to be rinsed off.

100 ml size


Beard Sanitizer spray for the beard and moustache deep cleans due to its purifying formula:

  • A synthetic compound with highly disinfectant properties and antiseptic power. Removes impurities (bacteria, fungus, etc…) that can form in the beard and moustache

With consistent application of Dandy Beard Sanitizer, you can:

  • Sanitise and disinfect a beard and moustache, eliminating all traces of impurities
  • Refresh and hydrate the skin and beard
  • Obtain a beard that is clean, shiny and fragrant