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Dandy Beard & Hair
Hair and beard shampoo

Dandy Beard & Hair Shampoo gently cleanses and restores the correct moisture balance to both skin and hair. Designed to prevent redness, dryness and irritation, it is ideal for daily use on beard and hair. After extensive research, Niamh selected Argan Oil, Baobab and Linseed Oil, the ideal revitalising micronutrients, creating a product that truly meets contemporary hipster beauty needs. When applied and massaged, the shampoo creates a soft foam with the power to enhance beard and scalp for softness, radiance and a pleasant scent.

300 ml size



Dandy shampoo for hair and beard is formulated to purify facial hair structures.

  • Argan Oil. For everyday hydration of the beard. Revitalises and deeply protects. Helps with detangling and combing
  • Baobab. Rich in nutrient and normalizing ingredients, it gives tone and elasticity to the beard
  • Linseed Oil. Known for its cosmetic properties, it reduces frizz and adds shine and new vitality to the beard and moustache

Daily care for the modern man. Dandy hair and beard shampoo:

  • Deeply cleanses without causing irritation
  • Restores the correct moisture balance to both skin and hair
  • Leaves beard and hair soft and radiant