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Color Pure Oil – Colour chart

The colour chart for Color Pure Oil permanent and ammonia-free hair colour presents 16 tear-shaped swatches offering elegant and consistent shades. A technical service with this colour has a guaranteed final effect. The colour range depicted in the chart perfectly relates to the Color Pure Oil shades, making it easy for the hairstylist to indicate product options to the customer. They can directly match the colour they want with the corresponding one on the chart.  Practical and pocket size, the Color Pure Oil chart is the result of an exclusive, original and non-traditional approach. Its texture and unique finish creates a graphic, tactile and material experience which captures Niamh’s distinctive style.


The Color Pure Oil colour chart:

  • Has 16 tear-shaped swatches
  • Boasts shiny, bright and natural-looking shades
  • Makes it easy for the hairstylist to present options during a colour service