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Dandy Beard Wax
Modelling wax for the beard and moustache

Dandy Beard Wax is a wax formulated to shape and define all types of beards and moustaches. Evenly distributed, it defines without stiffening, maintaining a natural and disciplined appearance throughout the day. Beard Wax contains Beeswax, Shea butter and Lanoline. This exclusive formulation helps to hydrate and shape with ease for impeccable daily styling. Due to its active ingredients and firm consistency, this Niamh wax affords a refined, well groomed, virile and cool look.

50 ml size


Dandy Beard Wax for shaping contains highly cosmetic active ingredients:

  • Because of its hydrophobic properties, it creates an invisible protective film on the beard that prevents dehydration
  • Shea Butter. Maintains hydration, nourishes and gives elasticity and softness due to its rich concentration of fatty acids and vitamins
  • A waxy substance that waterproofs, protects and shapes the beard and moustache into the desired style

Indispensable for shaping the beard and moustache as wanted, Dandy Beard Wax helps:

  • Create soft flexible styling
  • Obtain a beard that looks natural without any unattractive “greasy” appearance
  • Obtain the hydration and definition necessary for a protected and well cared for beard