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Dandy Hair Fall Defence Lotion
Hair loss prevention lotion

Dandy Hair Fall Defence Lotion is a lotion treatment specifically designed to prevent excessive hair loss and stimulate the regrowth process. To create a hair loss prevention ritual with strengthening and protective action, Niamh laboratories have developed a special formula in which active ingredients (such as Capilia Longa,  Panthenol, Capsicum and Nettle extract, with excellent regenerative properties) work together to make hair stronger and healthier from the very first application.  Up to 89%* hair loss reduction and up to 52%* hair density increase at 150 days.

150 ml size


Specially formulated to counter hair loss and strengthen hair. Dandy Hair Fall Defence Lotion contains:

  • Capilia Longa: derived from Curcuma Longa, an active ingredient with regenerative properties that reactivates the hair bulb and promotes regrowth.
  • Panthenol: a renowned ingredient in the cosmetic sector, it is an exceptional inhibitor of dehydration and hair fragility, adding just the right degree of moisture.
  • Capsicum and nettle extract: the plant complex produces a stimulating effect and re-activates microcirculation in the treated areas. Capsicum and Nettle are among the most effective active ingredients in counteracting hair loss.


Thanks to the regenerating properties of the active ingredients, the Dandy lotion:

  • Prevents excessive hair loss
  • Stimulates the regrowth process
  • Strengthens and makes hair healthier

Use the hair loss prevention lotion daily – once or several times as needed – for at least three months. For best results, apply to clean skin in combination with a gentle shampoo. Do not rinse.


Up to 89% hair loss reduction at 150 days.



Up to 52% hair density increase at 150 days.


Tested in vivo and in vitro