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Dandy Hair Ice Lotion
Refreshing lotion with menthol

Dandy Hair Ice Lotion, an invigorating and refreshing lotion for all types of hair. Thanks to the presence of Menthol in the formula, it provides instant freshness, facilitates combing and enlivens styling. The lotion helps to energise and revitalise the hair, with an intense, long-lasting fragrance.

250 ml size


The Hair Ice Lotion offers hair an instant and long-lasting feeling of freshness.

  • Menthol: the main active ingredient extracted from mint essential oil, it is characterised by its unmistakable scent and instant shine.

Apply hair lotion with menthol after shampooing and massage until fully absorbed.

Dandy Hair Ice Lotion with menthol:

  • Refreshes and invigorates all types of hair
  • Facilitates combing and enlivens styling