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Invisible Touch
Root concealer spray for instant colouring


Invisible Touch is a practical and effective root concealer spray for instant colouring which uniformly masks grey hair and is available in 5 shades. The technology developed by Niamh has identified valuable mineral pigments which blend perfectly with the hair’s natural colour, responding to one of the most important needs of many women: covering up unsightly regrowth in a functional and fast way without having to resort to a colourist. This handy prêt-à-porter pack answers the need for emergency colour in any circumstance, ensuring a flawless and smooth result with a natural and imperceptible finish. The Invisible Touch regrowth corrector is applied with ease due to its spray nozzle. It dries quickly and is eliminated by shampooing.

5 available shades

75 ml size

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The Invisible Touch regrowth corrector spray allows for quick and uniform colouration and contains:

  • Mineral Pigments. Characterised by a high compatibility with the hair structure, these pigments blend in with the natural hair colour, touch up roots quickly and erase signs of regrowth

The perfect touch up for keeping your hair impeccable. Invisible Touch regrowth corrector spray:

  • Masks grey roots, perfectly covering up regrowth
  • Blends smoothly with the natural hair colour
  • It’s quick and easy to apply and dries rapidly
  • Simply washes off by shampooing