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X-Treme Extra Dry
Ultra strong fixing hairspray with Collagen and Elastin

X-Treme Extra Dry is an ultra strong fixing hairspray, designed to create and support the most extreme hairstyles. It meets all styling needs. The strong holding effect of professional formula X-Treme gives support to the hair, helping the stylist create the perfect hairstyle for a customer. The composition, based on Collagen and Elastin, guarantees a rich texture, sheen and flexibility of the hair. The formula’s active ingredients act on the capillary structure of the hair providing a sealing effect which enhances shine and holding power. Thanks to an Extra Dry element, X-Treme hairspray dries quickly without adding weight or stiffening the hair.

500 ml size


The Extra Dry hairspray formula contains ingredients which have a sealing effect and emphasise the flexibility of the hair:

  • Collagen. Gives body and elasticity, tones the hair and helps curb split ends through its nourishing action
  • Elastin. A connective tissue protein. Has moisturising properties and an intense elasticising action

Ultra strong holding power for extreme hairstyles. Extra Dry Hairspray:

  • Is ideal for all styling needs
  • Gives extra strong and lasting support
  • Dries rapidly
  • Enhances shine and flexibility of the hair