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Be Pure
Nourishing mask for dry and lifeless hair

Be Pure Nourishing Mask is designed to hydrate hair leaving it incredibly soft and shiny. Vital for breathing new life into your hair, this won’t weigh your hair down. Nourished from root to tip, dry, lifeless hair is left soft and silky, once again shiny and easy to comb. Deep nourishment and localized hydration are guaranteed by the formulation based on organic oat extract and poppy petals.

1000 ml size

The Be Pure nourishing mask has a formula that is 100% made in Italy and specifically designed for dry and lifeless hair:

  • Organic Oat extract: oats (Avena Sativa) have a high concentration of B vitamins (B1, B2, B12).
  • Organic Poppy petals: rich in alkaloids, mucilaginous substances and anthocyanins, poppy petals have soothing and polishing properties that help to soften and brighten the hair.
  • SLS and SLES free, Paraben free, No Colorants, No Silicones, Hypo-allergenic Fragrance, No Oils of Mineral origin.
  • It contains organic extracts to condition and nourish dull and lifeless hair
  • Delivers the hydration needed for soft and shiny hair
  • The ultra gentle formula doesn’t weigh hair down